"There is no shame in any feeling or thought."
Combining Experience from Client-Centered Therapies

EMDR  ~  Yoga  ~  Ballet  
Interfaith Spirituality  ~  Tae Kwon Do


Ganga Mayee Wasserman, LCSW, RYT
Sebastian FL 32958

There is no shame in any feeling or thought. These all come from somewhere in your history. You can be free to choose more consciously in present situations if you learn, from inside of you, why you focus on some things your whole life. Grow beyond the labels that have been pinned on you. You are not your diagnosis. In traumatic situations, you may have suppressed thoughts or feelings that were not "acceptable". When you learn that it's OK to express deep emotions and thoughts, that the core of you is right, you get yourself back.

I use many experiences to enhance your personal growth process. I have formal client-centered multicultural education and extensive training in interfaith spirituality, ballet, yoga, Tae Kwon Do, and EMDR. This combination gives me a broad range of knowledge about the whole person"s interaction of mind, body, and spirit.

I come to your home, or nearby park or beach in Indian River or St. Lucie Counties. Non-judgmental: embracing all lifestyles, beliefs, faiths, and sexual orientations. With client-centered approaches, you make your own realizations, which empowers you for growth between and beyond our work together.

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